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Repair Parts For Obsolete Lockers

So I have some very old lockers, perhaps from the 1930s or 40s.  Maybe they are more recent than that.  But I've found out that the company that made my lockers has been out of business for many years.  I don't want to spend the money to replace these lockers.  They still work fine, except for one or two broken parts here and there.  What am I to do?  How do I get parts for lockers whose manufacturers are no longer around?

Never fear.  KLS Locker Hardware can help.  We carry thousands of locker repair parts, many of them for obsolete lockers.  What we don't have in stock, we can often obtain from secondary sources quite quickly.  If you have a 1942 Berger locker with a missing handle, we have that.  If you have a 1950s Lyon locker that needs a lock bar, we have it.  What about a 1965 Republic locker with a missing or damaged latch?  Or a 1972 Penco locker with a broken handle?  Or even a Medart locker from 1994 with messed up latches?  We have all of these parts, many in stock, and can ship right away.


And what's more important, we have the expertise to help you determine exactly what is needed to repair your locker for a minimum of cost.  The parts we furnish are of the highest quality available--some of our aftermarket parts for obsolete lockers even exceed the specifications of the original OEM part!


So the next time you have a question about a locker repair, give us a call at 800-377-1218, or email us at service@lockerhardware.com.  We have the answer, and we have the product!

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